trečiadienis, lapkričio 26, 2008

Bruno Schultz - mėgaujuosi!

"Ah! how little did they demand from reality! They had everything within themselves, they had a surfeit of everything in themselves. Ah! they would be content with a sawdust Pierrot with the long-awaited word to act as a cue for their well-rehearsed roles, so that they could at last speak the lines, full of the sweet and terrible bitterness, that crowded to there lips exiting them violently, like some novel devoured at night, while the tears streamed down there cheeks"

"Deprived of all initiative, indulgently acquiescent, pliable like a woman, submissive to every impulse, it is a territory outside any law, open to all kinds of charlatans and dilettanti, a domain of abuses and of dubious demiurgical manipulations. Matter is the most passive and most defenseless essence in cosmos. Anyone can mold it and shape it; it obeys everybody. All attempts at organizing matter are transient and temporal, easy to revers and to dissolve. There is no evil in reducing life to other and newer forms. Homicide is not a sin. It is sometimes a necessary violence on resistant and ossified forms of existence which have ceased to be amusing. In the interests of an important and fascinating experiment, it can even become meritorious. Here is the new starting point of a new apologia for sadism."

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