penktadienis, kovo 02, 2007


Hi boys and girls :)
One again the winter is over and with the spring comes a very special day - a day when you all have the official excuse to be nice to me:) yes yes its my birthday:) However this time there will be no kinky or brutal stuff, no masquerade or pretends, just a truthful and honest feelings of you loving me - in other words "
The Flower Child Party!":D
OK jokes aside: Saturday [3rd of March] Student House 8pm - everyone is welcomed to bring friends and lots of gifts! :) after initial part probably we will end up somewhere nice and cozy - like 1000Fryd or Maxim ;D
For those unfortunate ones who resides out of Aalborg, well you can always send a present via mail, to let me know how much you care! Or, if you are truly busy, I can send you my bank account Nr. and you can transfer the cash, so that I could by a present myself :P

PS.: If I did accidentally mist someone in a mailing list, pls spread the news :)

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